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Forex Calculator  v.4.01

With Forex calculator Advanced 4.01 you can perform forex calculations by using live market exchange rates. You can compute different parameters like margin requirements, pip value, spread costs, commissions, rollovers and most forex calculations.

A&G Grapher  v.5.80

Graph mathematical functions and equations in 2D or 3D with this advanced graphing calculator. - Easy graphing calculator - Beautiful user-interface - Plots functions: y=sin(x) - Plots equations: sin(x) = y2 - Easy and detailed customization of axis

Advanced Arithmetic Calculator  v.New

Advanced Arithmetic Calculator is a small, simple, easy to use application specially designed to help you solve sums of numbers, subtractions of numbers, multiplications and divisions of numbers. Basically this tool will open in your command prompt

Advanced Exponent Numbers Calculator  v.New

Advanced Exponent Numbers Calculator is a small, command prompt based application specially designed to help you calculate any number with exponent. for WindowsAll

Advanced Roots Calculator  v.New

Advanced Roots Calculator is a small, simple, command prompt based application specially designed to help you choose what kind of root of a number or data arithmetic you want to calculate. for WindowsAll

Advanced Trigonometry Calculator  v.1.5.4

Advanced Trigonometry Calculator is a small, simple, command prompt application specially designed to help you with your trigonometry. Advanced trigonometry Calculator is an application of trigonometry able to solve advanced calculations with

Python Advanced Scientific Calculator  v.New

Python Advanced Scientific Calculator is a simple and accessible tool that can perform various calculations. Python Advanced Scientific Calculator is an ongoing project, but it does feature more functions then your average calculator.

Advanced Subnet Calculator  v.9.1

Free Subnet Calculator tool from SolarWinds generates all subnets with real-time DNS, PING and CIDR tests. This application provides address details, a classful subnet creator, a CIDR calculator and subnet address lists that can be exported.

Advanced Calculator  v.2.0

Expand binomials and find coefficients in them,plot graph,solve equations in any form without transforming them e,g you can type 2^x+3^x=26x and Advanced Calculator will find the value of x, complex numbers, convert between hundreds of units, get

Advanced IP Address Calculator  v.1.1

It is a freeware Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP utility that lets you to calculate every aspect of your subnet configuration in a few mouse clicks! It was designed for any network engineer who needs a fast way to determine subnets.

Advanced Trigonometry Calculator Portable  v.1.5.1

It is a full quality calculator can give you the answers with decimal or scientific notation.

OptionMatrix: The Advanced Derivatives Calculator  v.1.2B

A real-time generalized financial derivatives calculator supporting 120 theoretical models from open source libraries. Matrices of prices are created with iterating strikes and/or months. A strike control system can produce almost any strike. A

Advanced Graphing Calculator 3D Linux  v.3.2

Plot high quality 2D and 3D graphs of math equations and coordinates tables.

Advanced Trigonometric Calculator  v.1.2.2

With this application you will be able to calculate trigonometric functions

Forex Pivot Points  v.1.0

Forex Pivot Points is a free offline pivot points calculator. Forex pivot point is a level in which the sentiment of traders and investors changes from bull to bear or vice versa. Free to download, use and distribute, no registration is needed.

Forex Fibonacci Levels  v.1.0

Forex Fibonacci Levels is a free offline Fibonacci ratios calculator. It is enough to figure out the previous trend extreme points and by the help of the "Forex Fibonacci Levels" calculator you will easily find the Support / Resistance levels.

Forex News  v.1.1

Forex News Software is advanced forex trading news tool which Updated in Real time with minute by minute Live market and data analysis to see how the currency pairs react to economic news over time. Latest Currency Fundamental and Technical Analysis.

Forex Toolbar for IE  v.1.0.0

Multi Lingual Forex Trading toolbar with Live quotes, Economic Calendar, latest forex broker promotions, and other advanced tools for the novice and professional trader. The installation takes exactly 1

CCTV Design Lens Calculator  v.1.0

CCTV Design Lens Calculator is an advanced Lens Calculator for CCTV design.

Free and Easy Biorhythm Calculator  v.3.00

Free and easy biorhythm calculator. Knowing your biorhythms, you can be sure about what to expect from each day in order to succeed at business, or in sports, exams or job interviews, negotiating or dating. Be a winner in any situation!

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